Monday, March 5, 2012

The Minions of Cuteness

I've been noticing this adorable, chubby Asian doll on the Doll Epic blog.  (A very good blog, if you've never heard of it).  I was enchanted, but of course the dolls aren't available in my part of the world.  I learned they're called Ddung dolls, and these abominably sweet minions of cuteness come from South Korea. 

There are two sizes:  18cm (7" ) and 11cm (4.3").  This is the 18cm version.  They're easy to find on eBay, and if you're in North America like I am, that's probably one of the few places you'll be able to find them to purchase easily without a huge markup.  And then you have to wait ... probably forever, or at least it will seem like it ... for them to be delivered all the way from South Korea.  Totally worth it.

This one is my first, bought secondhand from a very nice lady on a forum dedicated to Ddung dolls.  (You can find the forum here.)  I somehow managed to buy a few more, that are currently on their way to me.  I'm not sure how. ... I think they just jumped into my online shopping cart all by themselves last time I was on eBay.  It's like the cuteness drugged me and in my cute-induced stupor I forgot what I was doing and the "BUY IT NOW" button was all I could see.  LOL.

There are some counterfeits and look-alikes on the market, so if you get one, just make sure you are buying an authentic Ddung.  They're cuter than the fakes, anyway.  There is some info on the Ddung forum about how to tell the authentics from the fakes.

This one is called "Earplug Santa," which I believe is just a bad translation of "Earmuff Santa."  LOL.  I'm guessing the Korean word for earmuffs translates literally as "earplugs" in English.  She came with a Christmas stocking and earmuffs (seen in the second picture), but I made the kitty ears for her to match her outfit.  Her hair is an excellent quality and silky-soft, and her outfit is quite a nice quality as well.  She comes with white panties under the dress. Her head is hard plastic, not a soft vinyl like a lot of fashion dolly heads. 

Santa Ddung posing with two Domos, another Asian import.
Since I have a few more Ddungs on the way, you can be sure I'll be posting about them again at some point.

... And I won't make any poop jokes about the name "Ddung," even though I REALLY, REALLY want to.  LOL. 


  1. Awwww! I have seen tons of these on ebay and have been so tempted! I may just have to get a couple one of these days. I think they are adorable, although the name does leave a bit to be desired! LOL!
    Thanks for all the extra info about them and the forum link. I'll have to check that out in the near future. :o)

  2. She was my first Ddung too! I love the kitty ears that you made for her! And yes, they tend to just jump inside online carts, don't they!