Friday, March 2, 2012

Hit Single Darla Daley

Since Mary T's Doll House is going out of business, I thought I'd go ahead and order the Darla Daley doll I've had my eye on for the past few months.  I couldn't resist her at half price!  It's "Hit Single" Darla from the Poppy Parker doll line by Integrity.  She arrived here the day after my birthday, so happy birthday to me!  I'm obsessed with the Poppy Parker line, so anything from that line I see on sale just HAS to come home to me.

The dress is one piece and zips down the back.  It comes with nice gold pumps and a gold clutch purse.  I usually can't stand those little strapless clutch purses Integrity likes to include with the Poppy dolls, but this gold purse is nicer than most.

Hit Single Darla, left, with Twist N Shout Darla.
This was the doll that had a HUGE production delay because someone at the factory Integrity uses broke the original Darla face mold (so I've heard ... apparently, this was revealed at Integrity's convention this past October).  They had to re-do the Darla sculpt, which is why the original promo photos of "Hit Single" look so different from the production doll. She even managed to go from left-glancing eyes to right-glancing.  The final product is a super cute dollie, though, so I'm certainly not complaining.  See?  Isn't she cute?


  1. Happy Birthday to you, albeit it a little late. Dolly sales are wonderful! So glad you were able to get something you love. :o)

  2. Your pics are so nice! It is interesting to see the two sculpts beside each other...BUT I have to say I like the original sculpt better, she looks more like Poppy's age...while the 'new' Darla looks older to me somehow...what do you think? They are both cute though!

  3. Yeah, I prefer the older (Twist n Shout) sculpt and eye paint. I do hope they go back to that type of eye paint again. I saw one person on a forum call Twist n Shout's eye paint "cartoonish," but I never thought it was any more cartoonish than any of the eye screenings on any of the Poppy dolls.

    The newer Darlas definitely look a little older. I think it's just that particular eye screening that's doing it. Some of my Poppy Parkers look older than others, too (at least to my eye), and it has everything to do with the eye screening and color choices for the paint.

    Can't wait until Integrity releases info on the rest of the 2012 Poppy Parker line!


  4. As a result of reading this blog and finding out that Twist and Shout Darla has a unique face mold, I decided to buy her (I found a fantastic deal at Fabric Friends and Dolls, in case anyone wants to see if there are any left). I already have Moonlight and Kisses Darla, and, while I love her, somehow the original face mold is more appealing to me. I would really love to get Hit Single Darla for the clothes and the hair, but wish she had the original sculpt! Also, I have yet to buy a Poppy--the prices, even on Ebay, are insane right now compared to the ones for Darla. I ordered Spring Morning Fashion Teen Poppy on a whim, but am not sure from the photos that I'll like the face sculpt as much as the one for the smaller Poppy. Can't wait to find out--should be delivered next week!! Thanks for an entertaining blog, Sydney!