Saturday, October 1, 2011

My love-hate relationship with "Color Therapy" Vanessa

OK, when I first saw this doll, I have to admit I didn't like her.  My main objection was the green eyeshadow, but I wasn't a fan of her super-pale skin color, either, or the fact that her violet eyes actually looked paler than her eyeshadow.  I LOVED her sexy green dress. (Not the dress in the photos. ... She's been re-dressed into an outfit I made, here.)   I still think her original dress was the best thing about her. I also loved her dark red hair color, and I liked that her eyes were violet, even though they were a little light for my taste.  I adored her face sculpt, which was the original Fashion Royalty Vanessa sculpt.

She grew on me.  I ended up seeing some owner photos on Flickr of "Color Therapy," and decided I liked her after all.  (Doncha love how owner pics will change your mind sometimes?)  Although she came out in 2008, a couple of online doll shops still had her for sale for her original price.  I got her.  I figured if I hated her in person, I could still keep the wonderful dress and re-sell the doll nude (maybe). 

Well, she's still with me, so far.  I just saw a photo online of a slightly customized CT. The doll's owner had re-painted her lips a lighter, more natural shade of creamy peach that really toned down her look, and had boil-straightened her hair.  I LOVED the results.  Kudos to the artist.  Maybe I'll end up doing something similar with my Vanessa.  The lighter lip color, in particular was an improvement. 

More later on this one.  It looks like a little bit of customizing is in order.


  1. I think you may be right. A softer lipcolor will help to bring focus on her eyes instead of the sharpness of the lips against her pale skin.

  2. At first I loved her, bought her.
    Then, sold her a little later..
    And slowly I begun to missed her, and bought her again. Now, she is in a box, nude, but she will stay !
    Is not this a love and hate relashion ship too ?


  3. I just bought my first 22" silkstone doll! Do you actually own all of these beauties? I have been pinning so much off of your site! Your website is outrageously fabulous.