Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Darla Daley, new Adele ... new chance to spend money

I was forced to sit home recovering from surgery while people enjoyed Integrity's convention last week in Chicago. I did hear through the grapevine the Darla Daley character from their Poppy Parker line suffered a horrific tragedy at the factory.  Apparently the mold for her head sculpt was BROKEN at the factory, leaving Integrity to scramble to come up with a new Darla sculpt.  This makes 2011's "Twist n Shout" Darla (pictured left) to be the only Darla that will have the original head sculpt, unless I hear differently.  Ack!  I feel like a friend got hurt.  I loved the original sculpt.  I've since seen photos of the new Darla sculpt and she's nice, too.  I'm just glad I have the original.  You can see some Flickr pictures of the new Darla sculpt here, here and here

Integrity has confirmed that the upcoming "Hit Single" Darla, which was shown in promo pics with the original face, will indeed have the new sculpt and not the sculpt shown in the promos.

The other news was the introduction of a new, closed-mouthed sculpt for the Fashion Royalty line's Adele character.  The new sculpt is LOVELY.  I don't currently own the new sculpt (yet), but I'll link to a few pics here, here and here.  This sculpt change follows the revamps for the Fashion Royalty Veronique and Vanessa characters.  From what I understand, molds get old after a certain number of uses and start to lose their fine detail.  Integrity fans expect that Kyori will be the next to get a facelift; I can't wait to see what's in store.

Below is the last Adele made with the open-mouthed mold, 2011's "High Brow" Adele.

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