Saturday, October 1, 2011

LittleMissMatched dolls and the new Tonner Toys

I'm kind of intrigued that the Tonner Doll Company has decided to branch off into doing play-line toys.  Their current main customers and fans are adult doll collectors.  They've recently announced there will be a branching of the company into a new division/company that'll offer lower-priced, play-line dolls.  This new entity will be called Tonner Toys.  (As I understand it.  I'm sure I'll get more details in the coming month.)

The very first offering will be the 15" tall (39cm) LittleMissMatched dolls, which at first will be sold through Toys"R"Us stores and through the Tonner Direct web site beginning October 2011, unless the timeline changes.  The dolls are vinyl/plastic with thickly-rooted hair, and bending elbows and knees as well as shoulder and hip joints.  The clothes are brightly-colored and based on real little girl clothing from the LittleMissMatched company, which partnered with Tonner Toys for the purposes of creating the doll line.

The photos I've included with this post are of the very first doll released from the new line.  This particular doll was released as a QVC exclusive gift set in September 2011 and is the only doll in the line available as of this writing.  The dresses you see here are not the clothes she came with; she was re-dressed for the photos.

My personal review:  Adore her.  I really like the expression on her face, among other things.  Her shoes are a good quality and fit well.  I'll look forward to seeing the next releases from this line. 

My only two whines:  The red dress the QVC doll came with stained her shoulder a little bit.  I've Photoshopped the red staining out of the pics, so no point in straining your eyes trying to see the staining there.  LOL.  Also, the sleeves on one of her extra shirts were a little too tight to fit over her hands.  These seem to be problems that can be corrected at the factory, so I remain hopeful that the quality of the main-line dolls will be good. Other than these flaws, I am very pleased and really look forward to seeing the rest of the line released.


  1. I got this one for my daughter (don't have her yet, someone will bring her to convention for me) but I think its cool Tonner has started this line.

    I don't collect tonner anymore myself, but this is a very cute doll for my daughter. (she's 8 - I don't think thats too old LOL)

  2. She reminds me very much of an early 1960s doll, Whimsies. I had Tillie the Talker.

    See link for Whimsies dolls