Monday, September 12, 2016

Skyline Blue Marley Wentworth by Tonner

This girl was great to photograph. When I first took her out of the box, I thought she looked a bit blank-faced, which I blame on her eyes being so dead-center forward-facing. I was thinking a bit of a side-glance might have given her more personality. However, when I photographed her, her personality came out a bit and she doesn't look blank-faced to me any longer. In fact, if you position her so she's looking directly into the camera, she has quite an intense stare. 

I like her sculpt very much. The sculpt was new for the grown-up Marley Wentworth line, so I thought I'd post photos so people can see her.  There aren't many owner pics of Marley online, particularly Skyline Blue. Her profile is lovely.

I'm a big fan of basic sheath dresses, and really love this royal blue. The fabric is a nice quality. It has four snaps in the back, and is lined with white to prevent the doll from getting stained. Her shoes are purple and fun, and fit perfectly. (And SHINY!)

I didn't take pictures of her oversized matching coat, since every promotional picture of this doll shows it. There's not a whole lot to her outfit, but she was definitely worth the price I paid. I grabbed her when Tonner recently had a 30% off plus free shipping offer. Since she was already on sale before that, I ended up getting her at roughly half off her original price. Sweet! So worth it. What's funny is I was thinking if I didn't like her in person, I would use her body for one of my older Tyler heads. I might not do that, now. She's growing on me.


  1. I think she is a beautiful doll, congratulations on getting her, and at a great price too.

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