Saturday, April 30, 2016

Disney Animator Collection Mini Doll Play Sets

These Disney Animator mini dolls are only 5 inches (13cm) tall.  I've never shown them on DollyPanic before, so I figured today would be a good day to start!  Each set comes with a doll and a whole lot of glitter-covered extras that reflect the Disney movies they represent.  There are so many pieces to each set that I didn't even bother getting every piece in my photos.  For example, the Snow White set up above also comes with a pie, a bowl, a stool that matches the table, and a brush.  Snow's animals are SO CUTE, but a wee bit out of scale with her.  All the animals sparkle with glitter.  I swear that rabbit looks like he's covered in sugar.

I believe the only place you can get these dolls right now is The Disney Store.

The clothes and shoes are all removable.  The only parts of the outfits that aren't removable are Anna and Elsa's tights, which are painted onto their legs.  The 16-inch/41cm editions of the Disney Animator dolls have fabric tights, but some of these minis make do with painted.

Speaking of their legs, although they sit with their legs spread, they do have bending knees, which is nice.

The two trolls and Sven the reindeer from Frozen all came with Anna.  I think they're so cute.  The snowman Olaf came with Elsa.  Olaf can't stand on his own due to an absolutely horrible design decision in which he's posed with one foot up like he's dancing.

But at least he's cute.

This is Princess Jasmine with her tiger, Rajah.  Since the Disney Animators are supposed to be the characters as children, Rajah is a cub as well.  He's an adult tiger in the movie Aladdin.

Belle's set comes with some nice extras.  There is a basket of bread, a gorgeous open book, a pig, a sheep, and of course Mrs. Potts and Chip.

I think the book says "Le prince charmant" on the left, but I'm not sure.  It's almost impossible to make out.  The book is made of plastic like everything else, and doesn't close.  The cover is just a very plain, unadorned solid blue.

And here are some of the animals that come with the sets.  All glitter.  I think Rajah the tiger is the cutest, although Snow White's bird is pretty stinkin' charming as well.

I'd better show Rapunzel before I forget.  She comes with a guitar, which I love.  The white horse behind Rapunzel is supposed to look like a large stuffed animal, but of course it reflects the white horse named Maximus she meets during the events of the movie.

Her chameleon is done so nicely that he deserves his own picture.

I'll finish with a few more random photos.  See ya later!


  1. Such cute dolls, and a good size. I like that they come with alot of great accessories, but im not fond of all that glitter.

  2. These doll sets are adorable! I am struggling with doll over population at my house and trying to decide if I have room for more. sigh