Monday, March 21, 2016

More Agatha Primrose

My other two Agatha Primrose dolls by the Tonner Doll Company came a couple of weeks ago.  I took these two photos, but it's been so hectic here for the past month, I haven't had time to add to these pics.  These are "Yoyo Mode," "Tech Savvy" and "A Touch of Anime."  They're so cute!  Maybe one day I'll have time to take more pictures. 


  1. They're gorgeous, almost like anime girls!

  2. Love the photos of your Agatha dolls! I just got the Basic Chestnut and Brisk Day. Love them! I have some of the older Revlon dolls with the same body, but I like Agatha so much more. Do you still have your Patsyette dolls? They make great little sisters for Agatha! ~ Maria B.

  3. Three? That's amazing. I'm impressed because all my doll purchases always seem to involve agonizing over the guilt of getting another, which I put above practically all things other than food. Agatha Primrose is on my wish list. From the pics I'd say I like the auburn haired one best, but then again I usually do.