Saturday, February 27, 2016

Star Darlings dolls

Star Darlings Scarlet and Sage.
I took these photos a month ago and I just realized I never posted them.  These are the Disney Star Darlings dolls.  I love the facial expressions on these, although the hip articulation stinks.  There.  That was a one-sentence review right there!  Hee hee.  Still, their elbows, wrists and knees do bend, which is more than I can say for many dolls.  Surprisingly, these dolls come in two different body types, and supposedly the shorter body seen on the characters Vega, Scarlet and Leona sits better than the taller body, although I have yet to test this out myself.  The problem I had with the hips is that although they can sit down, the more you lean them forward, the more their thighs separate.  If they're sitting in a fully upright position, their thighs cannot stay together.  If you can sit them so they're leaning back slightly, though, it looks fine, as you can see in the picture below.

From left:  Piper, Scarlet, Vega and Sage.

They're based on characters from the Star Darlings series of books, and the 12 characters are based on the 12 zodiac signs.   The dolls all have the last name Starling (although there is no Clarice).  Disney is currently promoting them not only with the book series, but also an Internet-only cartoon on Youtube that's pretty stinking charming. 

If you get these, I recommend buying them in person, not over the Internet.  I've noticed some derp eye and/or paint flaws in a few, which tells me there needs to be better quality control at the factory.  Still, they're super cute, I think.

One of the $14.99 dolls, Wishworld Piper.

The cheaper "basic" line for $14.99 is supposed to be the girls disguised as humans for their visit to Earth ("Wishworld"), so they're dressed more human-like and have more human hair colors.  The basic dolls have the same arm and leg articulation as the $19.99 dolls, but slightly simpler outfits.  The dolls you see in Toys R Us and Target are exactly the same as the original Disney Store versions, except without the charm necklaces and stands the Disney Store versions came with.

Sage, from the $19.99 line.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy having a look at my pictures.

The more expensive dolls also come with plastic rings and school I.D. cards.

Wishworld Scarlet's boots.  Awesome!  They make me want to get silver paint so I can paint in the details.

Poor Vega's a bit cross-eyed.


  1. I always enjoy your photos so much. I have been eyeing these now that they've been showing up at my local Walmart and I think my favorites are the two in your first photo. They are beautiful and unique dolls! :)

    1. I love that they look just like 3-D versions of Disney cartoons. They have such a different look than anything else on the toy aisle right now.

  2. I love those Star Darlings dolls, especially Scarlet. Unfortunately, on most Scarlets I've seen, her eyebrows go up to her hairline.