Friday, February 19, 2016

Review of Agatha Primrose

The Tonner Doll Company just debuted their newest doll line a couple of days ago. It's their new 13" (33cm) Agatha Primrose line, apparently modeled after my teenage years. LOL! She has a teen look, with an inquisitive facial expression that can be interpreted various ways. Sometimes she looks like she's just about to say something. I think she has that look on her face Disney characters get when they just discovered something wonderous, like she just discovered fairies in the garden and wants to tell you about it. 

This is "A Touch of Anime" Agatha Primrose. She was an event doll, and the first Agatha ever released. The face sculpt is new for this character, so I'll show you pictures from several angles so you can really see the sculpt.

The body is reused from an older line, the 13" Revlon dolls from a few years ago. This means of course that she can wear all the nice Revlon clothes that were released back then. The cream lace dress in a couple of the photos is a Revlon outfit called "Shimmering Crush." I had a problem with this outfit, though, because the shoes broke immediately as soon as I put them on Agatha's feet. Just wanted to warn you about that in case you were thinking of getting the outfit.

Anyway, the body articulation is superb. She has bending wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. The joints are tight and stay in position when you move them, just like other Tonner dolls, and she can sit up nicely with her thighs together. She can actually cross one leg over the other and sit that way as well, which is unusual for most dolls. Here's a photo to show you what I mean.

The default outfit for this doll is a coral-and-white Japanese schoolgirl outfit meant to look like clothes you might see on an anime character, as if Agatha was wearing it to attend an anime convention. The design of the outfit is a little quirky. The bow is off-center, which is driving me crazy. I'm so tempted to replace the bow entirely, as well as reposition it.

The eyeglasses she comes with are interesting and charming, but I prefer her without.

Some people on the doll forums were comparing Agatha to Tonner's Deja Vu dolls because of the open mouth and wide-spaced eyes. I totally see that! I think Agatha is a lot prettier, though, as well as looking much younger. I thought I'd show them side-by-side, since I haven't seen anyone do this yet. Once you put them next to each other, the differences become apparent.

L-R:  Agatha Primrose compared to Deja Vu.

Just wanted to share these pictures with you. Agatha is my new obsession. I just ordered two more with some birthday money (my birthday is TODAY!), so I'll be able to show you Tech Savvy and Yoyo Mode Agatha Primrose in a few weeks.

See ya!


  1. Very cute doll, Happy Birthday to you !

  2. How does she compare with Poppy Parker? I'd like to put that head on a Poppy body. I wonder how it would look? Thanks. Don

    1. Poppy is a smaller doll. There's no way a Poppy head will fit on that body. Even if you could get the Poppy head on the neck knob, it would look way too small for the body. Sorry. The same goes for Barbie or Fashion Royalty heads.

    2. Thanks for your response! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don

  3. Happy Birthday!! This new girl is such a beauty! I'm headed over to the Tonner site to have a look around (my birthday is in 2 weeks, lol). I can't wait to see the other ones you ordered. :)

  4. I can see the vague resemblance to Deja Vu but prefer Amanda's expression, by far. I had ordered Deja Vu Anne de Leger for Christmas but was disappointed that she was so different from the prototype photos and decided to return her. For me Amanda has the geeky-cool vibe I love in Monster High's Ghoulia Yelps, at least the original Ghoulia Yelps, if you can see that comparison.