Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Prettie Girls Tween Scene Dolls Part 1

Prettie Girls Tween Scene dolls Valencia and Lena.
The 16-inch Prettie Girl Tween Scene dolls have finally made it to my area Walmarts.  These are the dolls produced from a creative marriage between One World Doll Project and Robert Tonner.  They use Tonner head sculpts on his Maudlynne Macabre body, and are based on designs and characters by Stacey McBride-Irby of One World.  I'm a big fan of Tonner sculpts, so I just had to see these dolls in person.


I went to three Walmarts looking for these, and all three stores had the line ... to an extent.  Two only carried the characters Lena and Valencia (shown here), and one carried Lena only.  There are six characters total, so where were the others?  I guess Walmart's limiting shelf space to see how well they sell first before they put the entire line on display.  (Um, I guess.  In my area, in any case.)  I ended up ordering three more characters from Walmart.com, which has the entire line plus some outfit sets.   I can't wait to see them!  They should be here soon.  I wanted to show you my first two, who were found sitting on the shelf at the store.

I really like these.  They're personable and charming, and pose beautifully.  I won't do a full review, but I'll just give you my own personal impressions.


First, they pose nicely with no loose jointing, with bending elbows and knees.  If you raise their arms in the air, they stay up.  They can sit in a chair like ladies, with their thighs together.  I can't stand when dolls' legs splay far apart when you try to get them to sit!  You can make them sit with their ankles crossed, which looks adorable.  They can even cross one knee over the other to an extent, which is awesome.

Their hair is really soft and nice, although I cut a chunk out of Lena's hair trying to get it out of that awful plastic strip thingie they sew playline doll's hair into.  *Weeps*  Next time, I'll wear my reading glasses so I can actually see what I'm doing.  And of course it's on the top of the hair rather than the underside.  Because of course. 

Their profiles are so adorable!

Eye paint is really nicely-applied and doesn't look cheap.  And at this point, I'm realizing I'm using the word "nice" a lot, so I'll stop now.  LOL.  But they're really nice, ya know?

The clothes they come with are decent.  Not collector doll quality, but they're fine for playline clothes.  The seams aren't finished (like every play doll ever), but at least the fabrics are soft and a decent quality, and they're sewn well.  The dresses you see in my pictures are ones I made years ago for the LittleMissMatched doll, which had the same body as the Tweens and Maudlynne Macabre.  I'm so glad I kept the dresses all these years!  I'd made a bunch of them, so my girls already have quite a wardrobe.  I love them in soft, flowy skirts.  I didn't take pictures of them in their default outfits, I'm afraid.

I think I've come full circle now, because my very first post EVER for this blog was about Tonner's LittleMissMatched girls in 2011, which were new at the time.  And now I'm showing off their descendants, with similar (but not the same) head molds on the same body sculpt.  I just realized I've been doing this blog for almost exactly four years!

I'll post pics of the other three Tween Scenes when they arrive.  Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

 EDIT:  They arrived!  You can read Part 2 of my look at the Prettie Girls Tween Scenes at this link here.  And a post about shoes that fit them here.  


  1. Love the shape of the heads on these - and your pair are particularly sweet-looking!

    I think I like these even more than the original Prettie Girls dolls - there seems to be a charm to them that the more traditional fashion dolls just didn't quite manage.

  2. Thank you for the review! I haven't heard of these dolls so it was great of you to describe the joints and other things! : >
    I like their noses a lot. Lips and eyes are very pretty too.
    I hope you manage to find the rest of the line! <3

  3. The Toy Box Philosopher has a very thorough review of them (see the link below). She posted pictures of their posing and everything, so you might want to check it out. She also shows photos of Valencia with her hair down. http://www.toyboxphilosopher.com/2015/10/tween-scene-kimani-and-valencia-by-one.html

  4. I just purchased Lena, Valencia, and Kimani at my local Walmart. I had been wanting to buy one for a few months..... $24 is a little pricy for me at the moment..... but today I saw them for $5 each.... soo... I bought one of ach of the different dolls... I am so very happy! I am very lucky to find them before they disappear... thank you for your blog, I just found.... Do you make your own patterns for your girlies? Thank you- LauraLee