Saturday, November 28, 2015

Prettie Girl Tween Scene: The search for shoes

Prettie Girls Tween Scene dolls Valencia and Alexie.

Decided my Prettie Girl Tween Scene dolls needed shoes.

Like, badly. 

So I thought I'd try out a few.  Came to the conclusion that shoes for the 13" Dianna Effner Little Darlings dolls might fit, since Tween Scene's feet are exactly 50mm x 20mm and Little Darlings shoes are close to this.  I bought three different kinds to try.  Two were perfect, and the third was not quite.  I also tried Hearts 4 Hearts and Delilah Noir doll shoes on them, too, but those were both way too big.  MSD-sized shoes for Asian ball-jointed dolls are too big as well.

Here are my results with the Little Darlings shoes:

1st pair:  Lavender patent heart mary janes from Debs Adorables on eBay.  These were really 99% perfect except that the straps are a little too long for the Tween Scene feet.  It could be corrected quickly with a pair of scissors, but I decided to just leave it as-is.  They look pretty cute.  They work either with socks or without.  This merchant only sells to the United States, though.

2nd pair:  Black-and-white saddle shoes from JuJu's Dolly Mall on eBay.  These are 100% perfect and awesome, and SO CUTE!  They even came with the socks.  Was very pleased with this purchase.  JuJu's sells internationally, although they're located in the United States.

3rd pair:  Tan heart cut shoes from JuJu's Dolly Mall.  (Same link as above.)  These were ... not perfect.  The fit was a little loose in length and width, so they need to be worn with socks/tights.  The biggest issue was they were too HIGH for the Tween Scene's foot.  It may not be obvious in the pictures, but it was bugging me a little seeing it in person.  I think they'd be fine if I put a Dr. Scholl's-style insert in the bottom, so that the foot is raised up a little bit inside the shoe.  I think if I did that, it would look OK.  Not pleased with this purchase. 

I'll close with some more random shots of these girls, since I spent a couple of weeks making them outfits.  I made all the clothes in these pics.  Now you know why I needed more shoes.

See ya!  Click on the pics to make them bigger.

Hana, with Dhara in the background


All ready for Easter!  (In ... um ... four months.)


Valencia, who is fast becoming my favorite.  She can't take a bad picture.

Lena and Hana

Somehow, Lena ended up posing with everybody.  Here she is with Alexie.  Camera hog!

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  1. I like the outfits you made your girls. Thanks for sharing the shoes. My Little Em, a Little MissMatched girl desperately needs new shoes. What I really, really want are a pair of the black MaryJanes that come with one or two of the Tween Scene dolls.