Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mister Dollface - a doll marketplace

Why did I not know about this site before now???

I just discovered Mister Dollface, a site where people can sell their used dolls and related accessories.  I used to use the DollPage Show & Sell to re-sell my older dolls, but since that site shut down, I hadn't discovered a replacement until now.  Mister Dollface is free, so no 10% eBay fee (or whatever the fee is now on eBay).  Plus, I'm always terrified I'll be taken for a ride by a scammer on eBay.  At least on Mister Dollface, I can control who I sell my items to. 

Here is the link to Mister Dollface. 


  1. Great find! I got into the DollPage Show & Sell right before they closed down for good. I've had success selling dolls on eBay, but another alternative never hurts.

  2. Yeah, I was so glad to discover them. I saw Mister Dollface mentioned by someone on a forum, and went to see what they were talking about.