Sunday, March 8, 2015

Upcoming playline dolls for 2015

I wasn't able to attend this February's New York Toy Fair, so I've had to depend on the amazing reporting and photography from people who were able to go to find out what new playline dolls will be coming out in 2015.  I found this very informative blog called Raye Del Sol that's an absolute delight to read.  The writer, Raye, has posted pictures of a lot of the upcoming playline doll and toy releases.  Here is Raye's main blog page.

I'll include links to all the upcoming new dolls that I thought looked neat, or that I thought would be interesting to the readers of DollyPanic.  The photos I've included are official promotional photos from the toy companies, not Raye Del Sol's pictures.  For her personal Toy Fair pictures and commentary, you'll have to visit her blog.

23" My Ballerina dolls based on The Nutcracker Suite:

Monster High report for 2015:

2015 Barbies:

Ever After High:

Disney Descendants dolls by Hasbro:

I have to make a comment about the Disney Descendants dolls.  At first I thought it was a blatant rip-off of Ever After High, because the line seems to be telling the stories of the children of fairy tale characters.  But then I found out that the dolls are actually based on an upcoming Disney Channel movie.  I couldn't tell you how good or bad the TV movie will be, but the dolls are so cute!  I love their faces, and they have articulated limbs, which is another win.  Anyway, these look like dolls to watch out for, and I look forward to seeing them in person in stores.

Here's a link to some promotional hype about the movie.  I don't get the Disney Channel, so I guess I won't be watching it.

And one last link from a different web site, called Toy News.  This is a report about upcoming Harry Potter figures in the Funko line.  I can't wait to see these.  My husband got me a Funko figure for Christmas (the character Glenn from The Walking Dead), so my interest in the Funko line has been sparked.

Harry Potter Funko Figures:

I love how the Hagrid figure is bigger than the others.  LOL. 



  1. I still think Disney got the idea from the Ever After High line, even if they are handling it slightly differently. And that outfit at the top of your post with the blue jacket and gold crown is almost exactly like what one of the Charming boys wear. I wouldn't be surprised to see legal action over that.

    My daughter loves ballet, and dances herself, but she's not into anime, so I don't know if she'd find those ballerina dolls interesting. They look a little too stylistic for me as well.

  2. The ballerina dolls remind me of Japanese and Korean resin ball-jointed dolls, with the stylized, almost anime-type faces. I'd be interested to see them in person. I like the boy doll more than the girl. The clothing looks really nice.

    It's quite possible that Disney did borrow the idea for Disney Descendants from Ever After High. It seems like all the toy, movie and TV companies all use each other's ideas like crazy. LOL.


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