Sunday, March 22, 2015

Summer Party Patsyette

I was able to add another Patsyette to my clan a while ago, when Tonner was having a sale day.  She's the dark-haired, grey-eyed "Summer Party" Patsyette that came out in 2014. 

The dress is so cute!  I'll show you pictures from both the front and back, because it has this enormous red bow in the back that's quite pretty.  Since she shares a body with the 8" Tiny Betsy by Tonner, the dress will fit Betsy as well. 

I had to do a photo shoot with my other two, "Spun Sugar" (the blonde) and Basic Patsyette (redhead).  The poseability of their bodies is limited, so they pretty much just sit on my desk being cute together.  I managed to lose the frilly blue dress that came with Spun Sugar, so I've redressed her here into a Tiny Betsy outfit.  The redhead is wearing a Patsyette outfit called "Sheer Delight," that was sold separately from the dolls.

I still think the bodies on these dolls needs an upgrade.  A simple arm switch to a more natural-looking arm sculpt would do wonders for this line, particularly if the new arms had bending elbows.  Just a thought.

Clicking on the pictures will make them bigger.  :)


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your dolls. Great looks. Fabulous dresses. Nice pictures of children in the garden. Keep in touch

  2. Beautiful photos..they are all so cute! I feel like the Tonner Cinderella sculpts would make great big sisters :)

  3. These dolls are very adorable. : >
    The dress's big bow in the back is a nice detail!

  4. So cute dolls! You have a great collection my friend! Keep posting such beautiful pictures. Well, I need to book a party venue nyc for my daughter’s fairytale themed birthday party. I would love to have your recommendations!

  5. I saw Patsyette originally on another blog, but when I saw your sugar spun patsyette, I just had to get her! Then I saw the flower girl one a bit less and I had to but both of them. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival and have read and reread your patsyette posts.