Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New 2015 Tonner releases!

The main 2015 doll line was announced today at the Tonner Doll Company.  I thought I'd just show a few of the dolls that I find personally interesting.  To see the entire lineup, please click the link at the bottom of this post.  Right now, they all say "sold out," but it's because they aren't actually available for sale yet. 

It was kind of a fun coincidence that they've brought two new 8" Patsyettes to the line, since I spent last weekend photographing the three I have right now.  I was planning to post the pictures some time this week.  So I'll start off by showing you the two new Patsyettes.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the black-haired one in the white dress!  ("Sweet and Simple" Patsyette.)  Alice is OK.  I'm not crazy about her hair, but the dress is wonderful.  If I got Alice, I'd want to re-wig her with cuter hair. 

Anyway, here are the two new ones.  I hope they do a tan-skinned Patsyette some day.  She'd look so cute as a Latina or Native American child with big dark eyes. 

Tonner also debuted a new 18" play doll line called "My Imagination," which seem to be around the same size as American Girl, Journey Girl or Kidz N Cats.  It seems that only one has bending knees (My Imagination Deluxe Basic, not shown here).  The others don't, I'm guessing to keep the prices down.  I was thrilled to see they're offering separate outfits for these dolls.  I'd love to try one of the outfits on my Kidz N Cats.   Just from eyeballing it, it looks like these have a slightly slimmer body than American Girl, so perhaps their torso size is more in step with the slimmer Kidz N Cats.  Hmmmm.   Nice for redressing possibilities.

*EDIT:  Apparently the My Imagination line fits into American Girl clothes and shoes exactly, so they can wear AG clothes, and visa-versa. 

The new grown up Marley Wentworth looks intriguing, but I'm going to wait until I can see a live pic before I decide whether I'm going to get one.  The production dolls might look a little different from these promo shots.  Tonner dolls sometimes look better than their promo pics, so I have a lot of hope that Marley will be amazing.  It's hard to believe all four of these are the same sculpt!  My favorite is the one in lingerie, but unfortunately for me, that one is a wigged doll.  (I prefer rooted.)

And I just had to comment on this little girl.  She's so cute!  I like the new Trixie sculpt in their Patsy line, and this one, called "Autumn Days," is precious.  Just last week I picked up a couple of Patsy outfits I found on sale from one of the Tonner dealers, so I'll actually have a change of clothes for Trixie if I get her.  The hat is really charming.

EDIT:  I had to edit this post to add in one more girlie that was added to the Tonner page late.  It's this really nice Patsy, called "Lacy Summer Day."  The dress is so pretty!  I might have to get this one, too, as soon as my mythical money tree blooms.

Anyway, there are more dolls and outfits in the new release than I can post here, so please refer to the Tonner Doll Company web site for more new dolls.

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  1. I was excited to see your post, as I had been wondering when there were going to be new Tonner releases. I'm excited to see more photos of Batgirl :) Little black-haired bob Patsyette is SO CUTE, I agree!