Monday, December 1, 2014

Fr16 Afterhours Hanne

Today is FR16 day!

... Mainly because I entered the W Club lottery for this lovely After Hours Hanne, and managed to get her.  She was an Integrity Toys convention doll this year, but they had some left over after the convention, and offered her (and the other left-over dolls) to W Club members in a special lottery.  Yay!  I was so happy to get her.  She looks amazing next to Obsidian Culture Hanne, her fiery red-headed cousin. 

I'm so in love with this new, side-glancing eye screening.  I SO HOPE they use it again next year.  We now need a Hanne with black hair and green eyes, with After Hours' face screening.  Are you listening, Integrity?  Hee hee.

Integrity writes her name on the box as "Afterhours" (one word).  Seeing as I'm a journalist who used to work for a newspaper, this FREAKS ME OUT.  That should not be squished together as one word.  It just shouldn't.  Yes, I'm a Grammar Nazi (or, in this case, spelling).  It's like if they'd squooshed her cousin's name together as "Obsidianculture Hanne."  Nope.  Just nope.

The dress is fabulous.

The whole dress is lined, with perfectly-scaled mini-sequins.  Her bracelet is lovely, and seems to be identical to the bracelet they gave "Ma Cherie" Poppy Parker Fashion Teen.  She comes with black strappy-type shoes (sorry, didn't get a picture). 

Her coloring makes me think she's a South American beauty who's dyed her hair blonde.  Is she a model or a movie star?  We don't know.



  1. Wow, that side glance is fantastic! I also love her strong cat-eye makeup. Congrats on your new doll!

  2. You're spot on with the "South American" feel to her. The left side glance (from her perspective) is a nice change. Looking at the comparison photo, though, I'm still a fan of the red hair version. I keep thinking about buying her but just haven't done so yet.

    Do the sequins stay on? Whenever I see outfits with them, I hesitate. After I deboxed the Black & White Gala Violett Somers, some sequins decided to flee the dress and decorate the floor. Now the dress is stored away. :-)

    1. Hiya. The sequins have been staying on the fabric quite nicely. I haven't noticed any dropping off. It's a very high-quality fabric. Hugs.