Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lammily scalping has begun

I was taking some pictures today to get ready to post about a completely different type of doll, but then I noticed THIS.  The Lammily scalping has begun.  The same people also have listed the dolls on Amazon for almost $70.  DON'T BE FOOLED BY THESE PEOPLE!  The Lammily doll is not sold out, and is still available on the web site for $25, and they ship internationally.  As far as I know, it's an open edition.

One of the scalpers was brazen enough to put his own watermark on the Lammily company's photos.  Sigh.  Seriously?  You don't own those photos, dude.  Why are you putting your own watermark on them?



  1. You used the right word: Brazen. Buyers beware! These kinds of sellers exist in every collection field, and it is unfortunate because it can turn what should be a fun experience into something sour.

    Since reading your original column on Lammily, I sought out some other discussions of her and was just appalled by the vitriol that some people are spreading about the doll. If she's not your kind of doll, that is fine, and it's even good to say that and provide constructive reasons about why. However, so many people aren't exercising that discretion. It really doesn't reflect well on our community. :-(

  2. Paying extra might be worth it if the seller has the doll in hand and is in the same country as the buyer, and the buyer wants the doll by a specific date (Christmas, birthday). People who ordered the doll in November were told that it would arrive within three to six days after receiving a shipping notification; that hasn't happened, and customers are upset. What Lammily didn't mention is that the dolls are being shipped directly to customers from China using DHL as the carrier. That's why the tracking link provided by Lammily elicited no information. Hope they get this smoothed out soon if they want people to continue to support Lammily

    That being said, there is no excuse for using other people's photographs or work without proper authorization or attribution.

  3. Hi Troy. I pretty much agree with you.

    I've been following their Facebook page, and some of the comments left on their own Facebook page are pretty harsh! I was one of the people whose tracking number wasn't working for a couple of weeks. Finally, my tracking number started working (once the doll shipment arrived in my country). I actually just had my Lammily doll delivered four days ago. I haven't had time to take any pictures.

    I totally understand people's frustration at not getting their dolls quickly, but in my case at least, it did arrive before Christmas, which is what the company promised.

  4. I was in the same situation, and was a little frustrated at first because Lammily wasn't really answering questions or providing infirmation. They then did a smart thing, which was to tell us the dolls were being shipped from China using DHL. That enabled me to track through DHL's eco merge site before USPS a kicked in, which provided a sense of relief. Plus, I saw those harsh Facebook posts you mentioned; that engendered some sympathy for both Lammily and the customers. It was just an unfortunate situation in which the company had to do some on-the-job learning as a startup. They just put out some really good information on what happened. The sad thing is that there appear to be some people who didn't receive the doll in time. Here's hoping the company can make things right.

    For me, she arrived last Friday. I am pretty pleased with her, and she makes a nice addition to a doll family. :-)