Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Poppy Parker Fashion Teens

These ladies are 16" Poppy Parker Fashion Teens by Integrity Toys:  Floating Dream (blonde) and Sunny Splash (brunette).  I posted these pictures on the W Club forum, but this is their first appearance here.  Just wanted to share the pictures!  Dream is wearing a Gene gown (um, I think ... I got it secondhand) and Splash is wearing an Alex dress.

Floating Dream has such a beautiful hairstyle!  I hope this hair never gets messed up.  I want her to look like this forever.  (Hate the name "Floating Dream," though ... It sounds a little corny.  LOL.)  She's a romantic girly-girl.

Sunny Splash looks like more of a sporty girl, with her no-nonsense hair and confident expression.  I didn't get any pictures of Splash in her original bathing suit outfit.  Sorry.  I couldn't wait to redress her.  She'd gotten sand in the swimsuit and was dying to take it off.  LOL.

Here's Dream in her original gown. It's beautifully constructed, with a fairly elaborate bodice design, and hooks up the back instead of a zipper.  When I was photographing her I somehow managed to get a spot of dirt right on her bust, so I had to take the gown off to hand-wash the dirt out in the sink.  Ack!  That was actually what prompted me to put her in the black gown shown up above.  She rocks black, too, though.  I think she'd pretty much work in any color. 

Included this closeup (below) just so you can see the necklace better.  The pearls are strung onto string.  It doesn't seem like the sturdiest-made necklace in the world, but it looks quite nice.  The stone part makes me think of topaz, and does look very much like a genuine gemstone, although I'm sure it must be fake. 

The last picture is just so you can see Sunny Splash and It's A Wrap side-by-side, for comparison.  They look so different!  Both side-glancing with brown hair, but with completely different looks.  Splash has grey eyes, by the way, while It's A Wrap (on the left) has blue. 

That's all for now.  Hugs!

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