Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review of Kiki from the 2013 Kidz 'n' Cats line

I'm pretty enchanted with this beauty.  Kiki is my first Kidz 'n' Cats doll, and I wasn't disappointed with her.  She's the first Kidz doll to have a slightly tanned skintone, and it's gorgeous!

Kidz 'n' Cats are more expensive than many other 18" play dolls, but you can immediately see where the extra money goes.  The wig quality is wonderful; the eyes are beautifully detailed, and the face is painted perfectly.  The clothes are made from quality fabrics as well, with finished inside seams.  She has panties on under her capris.  The quality of the vinyl is even nice. 

The eyes are expressive.  No blank stare, here!  I always said if a doll actually looks like it's thinking, it's the mark of an extremely talented doll artist. 

There aren't many negative things I can say about her.  Kiki has the newer 11-joint body, which the Kidz 'n' Cats dolls have had since 2011 (before 2011 they did not have wrist joints).  She's strung with elastic cord, and her range of motion is not perfect, but still better than any other 18" child doll out there.  Her biggest flaw is the knees:  When she sits down, the knees bend slightly, but if you try to bend them too far, the tension on the elastic inside will just make them pop back up again.  Beyond this limitation, though, her posing is pretty decent.  You can position her arms rather naturally, which makes her really nice for photographs.

Kiki can also stand on her own, and sits nicely without falling over. 

Her outfit is stretchy.  There is no back fastening on the dress, because the dress simply stretches over her head if you want to take it off.  The overshirt has a flamingo on it, with the words "Hawaii Island."

The flower in her hair is on a barrette, so you can take it off and/or reposition it if you want to.  

I had to photograph her in front of my chrysanthemums.  They're so showy this time of year!  Every doll I've ever owned has at one time or another been photographed in front of these flowers.  LOL.  I actually just planted some rust red chrysanthemums recently.  Maybe next year I can get some pictures with some rust red flowers in the background.

More later.  :)

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