Saturday, June 15, 2013

To The Fair Poppy Parker

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately.  My 5-year-old just finished four weeks of swimming lessons, and needless to say, that's taken up a lot of my time here lately.  I've still been photographing dollies here and there; I just haven't had a lot of time to post. 

This week I'm oohing and ahhhing over the newest crop of Poppy Parker dolls that are just now being shipped.  I was lucky enough to get the Poppy Parker W Club upgrade doll "To The Fair."  She's really stunning!  Definitely a keeper, although I'm sort of drowning in blue-eyed blonde Poppys now.  Still, "To The Fair"  is certainly one of the most beautiful Poppy Parkers Integrity Toys has ever done.  (In my humble opinion.) 

She is very much like "I Love How You Love Me" Poppy ... same face screening ... although with slightly brighter coloring.  Compared with ILHYLM, "To The Fair's" eyebrows, hair and lips are all a shade darker.  Her eyeshadow is more peachy, while ILHYLM's is more yellow.  "Fair" has applied eyelashes, while ILHYLM does not.  However, if you took off "Fair's" eyelashes you might have trouble telling the two girls apart.

Her outfit is modeled on the uniform used for tour guides at the 1964-65 World's Fair held in New York City.  I think it's terribly cute, and the white blouse and blue skirt have some mix-and-match possibilities.  Right now I don't plan on taking her out of her uniform any time soon, though. I'm enjoying her as-is at the moment. :)  She would re-dress splendidly, though.

L-R: Simply Simpatico, To The Fair, I Love How You Love Me


  1. Great photos! I like Poppy better with eyelashes. Sweet Confection is my favorite with this screening, although my India is in the that may take the cake. Time will tell. I find this Poppy a little bland. But, I do love the Stewardess-like outfit. don

  2. I like Sweet Confection, too. I have her and she's a permanent part of my collection. I really should photograph her again. She always makes me think of a Florida beach bunny, though. LOL! Like she lays out in the sun all day in a bikini, sipping iced tea, watching kids play in the surf.

    I ended up getting India as well, and the photos of her I've seen online are STUNNING. I should be getting my India next week. I'll definitely post pictures when she gets here.