Friday, May 10, 2013


It was a lovely day today ... perfect weather and a pleasant 72 degrees F ... so I got out my camera and decided to photograph some dollies.  These are "Tranquil" Antoinette and the 2012 Basic Brunette Antoinette.  ... Two lovelies I've had for a while, but needed to photograph again.  I'd considered getting "Savage" Antoinette that just came out this past month, but there are too many other dolls I want and not enough $$$ to grab them all. 

My clematis was in full bloom as well, so I had to take pictures of that, too.  The flowers are hopelessly out of scale next to dolls, but I thought I'd get a shot of Tranquil next to them anyway.

By the way, I made the blue outfit, but the white-and-brown outfit is the dress from the Gene Marshall "Town and Country" set.  The dress fits the Antoinette body perfectly.

More later.  Hugs.

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