Monday, December 3, 2012

Review of the City Girls by Tonner Toys, Part 2

Well, I was able to get in touch with someone at Tonner Direct today about the skin mismatch on the City Girls "Golden Swirl" Astor doll (mentioned in my last post).  The lady was very sweet and helpful, and offered to send me another Astor.  I have to say, the customer service at Tonner Direct is wonderful! Like I said before, I've never gotten a bad doll from Tonner before, so the mismatched skin tones on "Golden Swirl" Astor was a surprise. 

So I'll photograph the new Astor when she arrives in the mail.  In the meantime, here are pictures of my City Girls Basic Houston wearing the "Gray Haze" fashion.

The clothing is pretty nice.  It does use velcro instead of snaps, but it's well-made and looks good.  The coat has finished inside seams and fastens in the front with a small piece of velcro.  The cranberry leggings have an elastic waist, and the gray tunic-style shirt underneath fastens at the back with velcro.  The coat is the ONLY piece that has finished inside seams.

The shoes are a soft plastic, and fit nicely over the leggings. 

I was enjoying photographing Basic Houston in my yard.  She poses quite nicely.  This body's only flaw is that the head turns from side-to-side, but can't look up or down.  I really wish they'd put the heads on a ball joint like their other dolls so they could look in any direction.  The restricted head movement really limits how you can pose them.

Otherwise, the arms and legs have a lot of great movement.  Their arms are articulated at both the elbows and wrists, and the legs have bending knees (but not ankles).  I don't give a flying fig about them having bending ankles, so I'm OK with that.  LOL.  I'd rather have a ball-jointed neck. 

The hair is saran, which is soft and high quality.  Tonner Toys' LittleMissMatched Girls dolls had a different type of hair fiber, and their hair felt rough and dry.  The City Girls have awesome hair. 

You can find the first part of my review here (or just scroll down). 

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  1. I love outdoor photos. They add more realism. Great shots.

    I agree - having up and down movement in the heads would have been plus plus. :)

    Good luck with the new Astor. I'm still waiting for mine.