Sunday, December 4, 2011

Plastic cuteness

Plastic cuteness.  Aaahhh.

These domos are the 2" tall versions.  There are also plastic domos in 5.5" and 8" sizes; fuzzy plush domos in 6", 10" and 18" heights, domo T-shirts, domo backpacks, and domo bedroom slippers.   A search for "domo" on e-Bay brought up 66 pages of fun, crazy, Japanese-flavored domo goodness.

When I took my new domos out of their plastic wrapping, one of the arms on the snowflake guy fell off immediately.  Poor, sad domo.  An application of superglue later ... and the domo could rival a kitten wearing a hat for "cute."  I don't feel the need to buy any more of them, but I'm not sorry I got these.  Mostly they sit near my computer and look adorable in a --"Look at that hamster trying to bite me.  ... Isn't he precious?" --kind of way.

Another little cute plastic thing I keep near my computer are the mini Lalaloopsies.

There are so many new Mini Lalaloopsies coming out now, I can no longer keep track of them all.  I got a few of the new ones.  My 4-year-old absolutely loves them.  I love their simplistic but sweet faces.  These four are "Marina Anchors" (two of them in different outfits), "Sahara Mirage" (a genie), and "Swirly Figure Eight" (an ice skater).

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