Friday, December 16, 2011

Hearts for Hearts dolls

Consuelo and Dell, right outa da box.
I don't mean to make my blog all about play dolls, but I had to post these here.  I learned that these Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls were on sale at for only $10 each (regularly $29!), so I had to get two for my little girl.  I posted about the sale on one of the doll forums and of course the two most popular dolls they had -- these two in my photos - sold out that very day.  I was lucky I was able to grab two of them!

They are a line of 14-inch tall international dolls.  The two I got represent the United States and Mexico.  I'm very pleased with the quality of the hair, eyes, vinyl and clothing.  The hair is silky soft, and a better quality than the hair on the BFC Ink dolls I posted about below. 

Hearts for Hearts doll, left, poses next to a BFC Ink doll. 
The articulation is bad and very behind-the-times.  They can only sit in a splayed-leg position like old fashioned baby dolls, and their elbows and knees do not bend.  The clothing, on the other hand, is quite a good quality for a play-line doll, and uses better, nicer fabrics than most other play-line dollies I've seen.  Like the BFC Ink girls, they also have separate outfits available.

Despite being made by a different company, they actually make perfect little sisters for the 18-inch BFC Ink dolls.  I've pictured the two types of doll at right so you can see them together.  I think any little girl would LOVE to have these as sisters.


  1. Very pretty! They make great sisters. Good luck on getting them and for such a great price.

  2. Those are my two favorite H2H dolls! My granddaughter wanted Lilian so she got her for Christmas, but I haven't gotten one for myself as of yet. Maybe soon. :o)

  3. Omg those dolls are soooooo cute. I have consuelo, dell, and Lillian