Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 W Club registration starts now

Registration for Integrity Toys' 2012 W Club starts now and goes until Jan. 18.  I am THRILLED with the upgrade dolls this year ... the dolls you can order with your membership.  This year they are Poppy Parker and Natalia. ... two sculpts I love, and the face paint on each looks beautifully done.  Ordering the dolls is optional and you can actually just order the base membership without the dolls if you prefer.  To see more photos, you can see the W Club ordering information, here. (Click on "W Club 2012 Brochure" to see everything.)

Natalia ...

 and Poppy.


  1. I think I will go for the Natalia. She's pretty and much cheaper than Power Game :O)

  2. I love them both and can not wait to join again (after the holiday).

    Happy Holidays!