Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 2011 Holiday Monograms

I have a new love. I'd always avoided the FR: Monograms before because I didn't want to start collecting yet another doll line when I already have so many. I'd always liked them, though, and finally succumbed. ...

These girls are "Illumination" (blonde) and "Jubilation" from the 2011 holiday line by Integrity Toys. Total beauties, both of them.  There is a third doll in this series called "Fascination," which I didn't get.  I love these two so much I may save up money to get the third as well.  They've inspired me to start sewing again.

Yes, I took down "Jubilation's" hair.  Although her face paint is exactly like her promo pic, her hair ended up being twice as high as shown in the original promo photo and looked very Bride of Frankenstein.  I hate saying that, because she is such a beauty.  Her sculpt is lovely; her face paint is lovely; and her original clothing is so amazing it's absolutely sublime. (My photos show them redressed.)  I think the factory workers must have gotten carried away with doing her hair.  Anyway, I took her hair down with good results.  There was no bald spot, and her hair was pretty nicely rooted. Sorry I didn't get any pics of her original hairstyle. It was so crazy-high even my 4-year-old thought it looked weird. I couldn't wait to take it down.

"Illumination's" hair is perfect as-is. It's the perfect glam 'do.

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