Thursday, June 30, 2016

Breit Nights Ann Estelle by Tonner Doll Company

This is another doll from the 2016 Tonner 25th Anniversary Convention, "Breit Nights" Ann Estelle.  She's a limited edition of 200.  I love her unique look.  I've worn glasses since I was seven years old, so I adore dolls with glasses! 

Her wig is removable.  The photo up top is her original look, but I tried a couple more size 6-7" wigs on her ...

... with pretty good results.  That last one is a Monique "Red" wig in the color "carrot red."  The name of the wig is actually "Red," no matter what color the wig is.  Very confusing.  It's a super nice wig, though.  Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

The first wig (long, curly red hair) is one I got from eBay.  It's not a Monique wig.  I believe I bought it from the seller Paul Zhangby in China, listed as an Evangeline Ghastly wig.  I love that one on her.  It's actually nicer than the similar-looking Monique "Ellowyne Rose" wigs, which look great in the promo pics, but in person, they tend to frizz.

Anyway, she came in this knee-length, embroidered black velveteen outfit that was based on a picture by artist Mary Engelbreit.

It fits all the Ellowyne Wilde line dolls, because she has the same body.  It came with some super awesome shoes with buckles.  I would seriously buy these shoes in EVERY COLOR.

Her face sculpt is brand new.  I think her facial expression is so endearing.  I'll show you her face from a few different angles, with her glasses off. 

 I'll follow this up with a few random pictures.  See ya!


  1. Wow, that's a beauty!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post! I just bought her on eBay. I fell in love with her sweet face and glasses, and the fact that she has Ellowyne body and can go with my Ell collection. You picked some great wigs to try on her.