Monday, January 4, 2016

Star Darlings showing up in Target, Toys R Us stores

Star Darlings dolls are now showing up at Target and Toys R Us stores.  These are the new line produced by Jakks Pacific in collaboration with Disney.  Previously, they were Disney Store exclusives.   There is a "basic" line with simpler outfits and a cheaper price (shown above) and a more expensive line with elaborate costumes. 

I adore these.  They're such a refreshing change from the usual bland, vacant-eyed toy shelf offerings.  I'll definitely keep my eye on this line. 


  1. These look really adorable and I love that they have color themes and different faces from each other!

    1. I think they're super cute. I was looking at them in Target this week, though, and saw several that had flaws in either their face paint, or their eye placement. It looks like it'll be better to buy these dolls in person rather than online to avoid getting dolls with flaws. They're adorable, though.

  2. I bought some of these dolls and they are cute, but the knees only bend slightly, not enough to have them sit well. I got the ones from Walmart.

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