Thursday, January 21, 2016

18" My Imagination doll by Tonner

This Tonner Doll Company girl just came out recently.  There aren't a huge number of owner photos floating around on the internet yet, so I thought I'd show off mine.  She's the 18"/46cm tall "My Imagination" doll.  She fits perfectly into American Girl clothes and shoes, so there's no end of clothing for her.  I made the dress in the pictures.

Although her elbows and knees aren't jointed, she does NOT have typical play doll joints.  They're a bit better.  Her head, arms and legs are all on ball joints, so you can swing them around in all directions and they'll stay in place.  When she sits, she sits straight-legged, BUT you can sit her down either with her legs close together OR far apart.  You can raise her arm up and to the side, and it'll stay in place.  There is a more expensive version that does have bending knees that'll be coming out later in 2016. 

The body is all-vinyl, not cloth.  The eyes do not open and close.  The wig is not as soft as an American Girl wig, but I do think it lays nicely, and looks natural and lovely. 

This one is the 2016 "Starter Brunette."  I had to get her, because she has the exact same coloring as my daughter.

I'll just give you a few random pictures so you can see her face from all angles, plus her cute hand sculpt.  (I didn't photograph the feet.  Sorry.)  Please click on the pictures to make them larger.


  1. She is really cute, you do a great job making dresses for your dolls. Thanks for the photos, I was considering this doll for myself.

  2. She's a lovely-looking doll - such an interesting face too, it's hard to tell what age she's meant to be, which is unusual in an 18" doll, but just adds to her charm. Thanks for sharing her!

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures! We just ordered ours this morning, and I am so happy to see that her eyes are dark brown, as the Tonner site shows them to be more of an amber color. I love the idea of the entirely vinyl body. :)