Thursday, December 17, 2015

Some random doll news

Prettie Girls Tween Scene dolls Dhara and Alexie.

Tonner One World

Collectors have already heard about the Dec. 3 merger between Tonner Doll Company and One World Doll Project, who do the 12-inch Prettie Girl and the 16-inch Prettie Girl Tween Scene dolls. The merged company, Tonner One World, plans to continue their high-end collector's doll lines, but in addition, they'll also be doing play doll lines that will be sold in retail stores. The Tween Scenes are currently in Walmart and H.E.B. stores, but will also be in Toys R Us and Target beginning in 2016, so it looks like this line will be expanded.

Tonner One World also plans to introduce two new doll lines at Toy Fair 2016 in February: an 18" baby doll line called the Prettie Girls Dream Babies, and a fashion doll line called the Prettie Girls NYC. I don't normally cover baby dolls on this blog, but I'm intrigued by the Prettie Girls NYC and can't wait to hear more about them. I don't know what size they'll be yet. 


Lammily's new character

I'm sure people remember the Lammily doll, that made waves last year as the love-her-or-hate-her doll with more realistic proportions than most other fashion dolls. Well, the company has introduced its second character in the series. This time she's an African-American photographer.


I think her face looks quite nice, and the clothes are so pretty! Her hair in the picture is a bit ... interesting. With some restyling, she'd look great, though, I think. She's not out yet, but available for pre-order.

That's all for now. Love ya!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. The Lammily doll photos aren't mind, of course, since that doll isn't even out yet, but the other photo is mine. I appreciate the compliment. :)

  2. She looks great! But yeah...the hair? I'm not sure why they gave her such a wind-blown look. I guess if they gave her a coastal backdrop or had her standing on top of a mountain taking photos it would make more sense. She's really cute though and I love her face!
    I also agree about your photos...they are gorgeous and I have loved your posts about the Tween Scene girls :)