Monday, October 6, 2014

Photo shoot with the 16" girls

With the reveal of the 2014 Poppy Parker Fashion Teens, I was inspired to take pictures of a few of my 16" girls.  This is "Winter Wowzers" in an Alex outfit; "One Fine Day" in the outfit from FR16 Obsidian Culture Hanne; and "Spring Morning" in One Fine Day's clothes.

I've discovered the older I get, the worse my eyesight gets.  And the worse my eyesight gets, the more I like 16" dolls over 12".  Sigh.

Now two last pictures, of "One Fine Day" and "It's A Wrap." I took these pictures last week, but haven't had an opportunity to post them yet. Poor Wrap gets outshined in pretty much every picture she's in because of her muted face paint.  Here she's favoring Kate Middleton in a white Tonner outfit with a feathery fascinator, and Fashion Royalty earrings.  "Day" is wearing Gene Marshall.  It is super nice that these girls (and Tulabelle, too) can wear both Gene outfits and Alex outfits, as well as most Tonner clothes.

I've noted that Alex pants are short in the leg for them, but they do fit in the waist. I've never owned an Alex, but she must be a shorter girl.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger.


  1. These are such beautiful dolls...I especially love the Blonde..her face/hair are perfect! Gorgeous outfits, lovely photos! These PP dolls are really growing on me!

  2. Those are some really gorgeous shots! <3
    I love the second last pic. : D

  3. Thanks! The blonde (One Fine Day) is my second favorite out of all the 16" Poppy Parkers I have. My #1 favorite is the one with the black hair, Winter Wowzers. They're both just amazing.

  4. Love the pictures! Like you, I've found that dolls with nude lips don't stand out very well, so that is something that is now a "don't buy me" criterion.

    That white outfit (Summer Lace) is from Tonner's Cami line, and it is one of my favorites. Right now, I have it on a Deja Vu Judy.

    The comment about eyesight is something I haven't thought of, but absolutely makes sense. My "doll family" is primarily 12" Fashion Royalty and Barbie dolls, with me branching out recently to the 16" lines. Although I like the latter a lot, I still tend to favor the 12ers. Now you have me thinking about the future...!

    1. Summer Lace is so pretty! And for some reason, it seems to fit pretty much every 16" doll I put it on. I was lucky enough to get it on sale a few months ago.