Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More fun with the kids

Spun Sugar and Basic Patsyette 2014 by Effanbee/Tonner Doll Company.

I discovered the new 2014 Patsyette dolls work pretty nicely as children for 16" tall ladies like Tyler Wentworth, Antoinette and even the 16" Poppy Parker Fashion Teens.  I finally dug out my old Helen Kish Avery doll ... customized as a freckled redhead ... and it turned out she's very similar in size to the Patsyettes (a hair under 8 inches / 20cm).  Avery is from the Riley line, and is the same size as Riley.  Anyway, she was the only doll I owned from the Riley line, so I had to use her for a comparison shot. (I'll include the picture towards the bottom of this post.)

This makes me think the Patsyettes would probably be a nice scale to be little sisters to Marley Wentworth dolls. (Who aren't made any more, but SHOULD be ... why the heck was Marley discontinued?) 

I'm not sure if the Patsyettes can share outfits with Riley/Avery.  They could probably share SOME outfits, but they'd be hit-or-miss.  The Riley/Avery body's tummy is a lot bigger than Patsyette's, who is on the Tonner Tiny Betsy body.  Patsyette's waist and hips are a lot bigger, so Riley pants would definitely be too small.  A loose-fitting dress might fit both dolls, though.

Basic Patsyette and Tranquil Antoinette.  Their hair is the exact same color.
Winter Wowzers Poppy Parker Fashion Teen poses with Spun Sugar Patsyette.

And now for some random cuteness.  Or cute randomness.  Whatever.  :)   If you didn't see my review of the 2014 Tonner Patsyettes, you can find it here.  Click the pictures to make them bigger. 

Spun Sugar Patsyette is getting ready for school in a Tiny Betsy dress.

Posing for pictures with her Lalaloopsy.

Comparison of 2014 Patsyette and a doll from the Helen Kish Riley line.

Here's that comparison picture I promised you (above).  This is Basic Patsyette 2014 next to a customized Explorer Avery by Helen Kish.  I love Avery's cute chubby legs! 

I made the green and yellow dresses. :)


  1. Hi. Enjoyed your article. I'm really enjoying the Patsyette and think she is really cute. I love the yellow and green dresses that you made for your Patsyette! Do you sell patterns for this size doll? I'd love to make a few dresses for my doll, not to sell, but I can't find patterns. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find clothing patterns for the Tonner Patsyette? Thank you, Vicki

  2. Hi. I enjoyed your article and pictures about Tonner Patsyette. I love the yellow and green dresses that you made for your dolls. Do you make/sell patterns for Patsyette? Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find patterns for this doll?
    Thank you, Vicki

  3. HIya. Thanks for your comments! To make these dresses, I used a McCalls pattern for the Tonner Betsy McCall dolls. I have the pattern right in front of me. The pattern doesn't have a name, but it's McCall's number M4334. It has patterns for both the 8" Betsy and the 14" Betsy, so of course I used the 8" version. I'm afraid I don't sell patterns for them. *Hugs*