Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mini Mooshkas

I wasn't really planning on putting Mooshkas on the blog, but then I saw this review of the new Mooshka Fairy Tales Minis by Toy Box Philosopher.  I'd seen the cloth Mooshkas before, but didn't know there were 3.5" (9cm) tinies out there now.

Turns out I had to go to Target anyway this week, so I decided to check out the Mooshkas while waiting to fill a prescription.  Target had the Mooshka dolls on an endcap, with three hanging spots where the mini Mooshkas were supposed to be.  They were all sold out with the exception of two!   Just two left.  It seems these little things are popular in my area. 

I bought this pumpkin-haired one, thinking she'd look really cute for photography with other dolls.  This one is Casia the Ballerina.  She's obviously meant to mimic an old-fashioned wooden doll.  Her articulation is pretty much limited to the poses you see here.  She can raise her arms up and down and they'll stay in position, but she can't spread her arms outward.  She can raise her legs up and down (and they'll also stay in position), but you can't swing her legs outward.  Her head moves side-to-side.

I did a search online to see if I could find pictures of the rest of the set, since I couldn't see them in person.  I discovered there are a few on eBay, and the prices on eBay are insane!  Target had them for $8, and they're on eBay right now for $17 and $25?  Whaaaa???  I think it's because the online web stores for Toys R Us and Target don't sell them yet, so if you can't go in person to these stores to buy them, you might be out of luck.  If they start flying off the shelves, I'm sure the online TRU and Target web sites will start listing them eventually, and eBay prices will drop.  I don't even see them on Amazon yet.

What the heck is going on with the prices on eBay?
I like the side-glancing eyes.  She comes with the bunny.  It's super cute, but would be way too tiny to give to a toddler who puts things in his mouth.  I don't think these minis are intended for very young children in the same way the large cloth dolls are.  They're really cute collectibles for an older child, though, and would be SO CUTE as a doll for a doll.  I can imagine a child posing the Mooshka minis with an American Girl or Journey Girls doll.  

I posed Casia next to a Zelf (medium size), a mini Lalaloopsy and a My Little Pony mini so you can better judge her size.  Can you tell I like tiny cute things? 

Hanging out with Fluttershy.

As always, please click on the pictures to make them bigger. 


  1. Hello from Spain: great dolls. Very cute. Keep in touch.

  2. This is the best doll blog I have seen!