Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deja Vu Emma

This girlie's hair looks EXACTLY like my hair did back in college! 

This is the 2013 Emma Jean McGowen Basic Black, from the Deja Vu line of dolls by Tonner.  She was supposed to be 1920s-themed, but I felt she was more at home in modern, casual clothes.  Cute hair?  Heck, yes!  Since she has my college hair, I thought she should put on some comfy college student gear.  This City Girls outfit suits her nicely.  The top is a perfect fit; the leggings are a little tight, but almost perfect.

I want to make her more of a punk-style outfit some day when I have time.  She'd be smashing in black leather pants and a rock concert tee!  I definitely want to punk her out a bit.  She exudes a bit of a cool vibe to me, and I'm not sure she's the gown type.  She seems more like she should be sitting cross-legged on a beanbag in an oversized shirt, reading poetry.  At least in my world, this is how I envision her.

Her face sculpt reminds me a bit of one of Tonner's other dolls, Evangeline Ghastly.  I think it's the cheekbones and nose more than anything.  She's 16" tall, but thinner than most other 16" girls.  She's a little cartoonish in a way I like, and has a slightly large head and hands like an animated character.  She's like a wonderful 3D cartoon lady who has stepped out of my TV set to sit on my desk.  LOL.   

The hands pull out to make it easier to redress her in tight sleeves, AND you can also use alternate Tyler Nu Mood hands with the body, as well, according to the Tonner Doll Company web site.  I haven't gotten extra hands for her yet, but this is one thing I'd be really interested in trying out.  Next time Tonner has a free shipping offer, I'm going to get the extra hands.  They're sold in a set of three.  That is, the Nu Mood set comes with three different pairs of hands, all in different positions (one pair of "holding" hands, one "relaxed" set, and one set of fists ... all mix and match). 

Oh, and I should mention this is a wigged doll.  The hair is held on by velcro tabs.  I'll have to put her in a couple other wigs and take more pictures.  She wears a size 5-6" wig.  I think most of the Deja Vu dolls are rooted, but there are a few that are wigged, including the Emma Jean Basics (both red and black). 

I'll have to do another photo shoot with this girl some time. 

The shading on the eyes is wonderful.
I think she looks cute in profile.


  1. Hello from Spain: she is very attractive. I like the hairstyle. Keep in touch

  2. She reminds me of Evangeline too, mostly because of her large hands. Except with her short hairstyle and lighter makeup, she doesn't look so scary/elegant but more of a
    far out/mysterious look :)

  3. I love her in this outfit. I can see her on campus reading under a tree.