Friday, June 21, 2013

Switzerland Poppy

"Sweet in Switzerland" Poppy Parker has an awesome hair color.  It's orange.

Bright orange.  I actually love it, though.  When I was a little girl, my best friend had very orange hair naturally (and blue eyes, and freckles all over her face. ... She was adorable).  Although Switzerland's hair is orange, it's a natural-looking shade, and is lovely in person. 

I think this might be the first Poppy Parker to ever have this hair color. 

Her outfit is very cute.  I was expecting the blouse and skirt to be separate pieces, but they aren't.  It's all one dress.  The laced white belt is removable, though. The dress fastens in back with tiny hooks.

She has the same eye screening as "Foto Fab," "Shadow of a Smile" and "In The Air," although with applied eyelashes.  The applied eyelashes really work nicely with this eye screening, and give her a slightly dreamy look without making her look stoned or sleepy.  She just looks sweet and innocent.  This eye screening is essentially a forward-glancing version of the famous "Bergdorf/Ask Any Girl/I Love How You Love Me" screening.   (Seriously. ... You can compare the eye screenings with this Poppy Parker eye chart.)

The cape-style coat is made from the nicest material!  I'd love a real coat for myself made from this fabric, in this pretty shade of blue.  I love the furry hat, too.  It left some white fuzz on top of her head, though, that I didn't notice until after I'd done this entire photo shoot and loaded the pictures up onto my computer.  LOL! 

The ice skates are a wonderful quality, and fit well.  The blade underneath is solidly on the shoe and doesn't feel like it's going to snap off.  They have a band of thin fur around the upper edges that is perfectly in scale with the doll.  I don't know where Integrity Toys got fur like that, but I sure can't find it in my fabric store.  It reminds me of the fur used for the coat for "Reluctant Debutante." 

The skirt part of the dress is satin, and is lined.  She also comes with a white fur muff to keep her hands warm, which you can barely see in the third picture.

Can I find anything negative to say about this doll?  Not really.  Well, she doesn't come with any jewelry.  No earrings or anything.  There.  That's the only negative thing I can say about her.  Considering all the other extras she comes with, I think no jewelry is a pretty fair trade-off.  :) 



  1. Hello from Spain: This doll is fabulous. I love the coat and blue dress. Nice pictures .. Keep in touch

  2. Another great review! Did you get Spain? I think the screening on Spain is new. It's nice, also. Spain has great hair when taken out of the ponytail. My ponytail wasn't sausage, when it was put into the netting it kind of got separated and twisted. But, it's a nice head of fully rooted hair. I'm kind of feeling guilty about these Poppies. I got them from a dealer (shock) at retail. But, I seriously mess with my dolls... There are a lot of adventures with Captain Action and the 12 inch Star Trek figures. Also, I let my kids play with my stuff with me. We've had some accidents... But, the guilt comes in when other collectors who may appreciate them more can't get them... In fact, I am going to sell my India b/c I can't bear to take down her hair and cut it while someone else really wants that hair do! Oh well. Toys.... Keep up the great blog! don

  3. Hi! I did get Spain, India and Japan as well, but I got them from another dealer and they haven't arrived yet. I can't wait to get my greedy hands on them! Hee hee. They've been shipped, but probably won't get to me until Monday.

    Thanks for all your nice comments.

  4. Oooh, I love the red hair, she's amazing! You guys are all making me wish I'd tried for one of these girls!!