Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spicy in Spain Poppy Parker

Gray eyes.  I love that.
Of the five International Fair Poppy Parkers, I have to admit I was the least excited about "Spicy in Spain" because in her promo pictures I thought she looked a little vacant-eyed.  Well, I can happily say, she does NOT look spacey in person.  Not in the least.  Actually, she's pretty gorgeous. 

The sausage curl from hell. LOL.
I can't decide whether her hair is a light brown or a dark blonde.  In my part of the world, we'd probably just call it "dirty blonde." 

"Yes, I'm fabulous."
Her dress is all one piece.  It is NOT a separate blouse and skirt.  It zips in the back.  Gosh, I LOVE the hat.  It's just a beautiful miniature hat. 

She comes with an embroidered purse, gold hoop earrings and a nice ring.  I'm already expecting to lose the ring.  Any second now.  Three ... two ... one. ...

I have to say, though, I wish Integrity Toys wasn't so enamored of "clutch purses" without handles.  You can't hang the purses from the dolls' arms! 



  1. She looks lovely!

    I really agree about the clutch purses too... their dolls don't even have good "clutch holding hands"... and you can't tell me that purses with straps aren't fashionable!!!

  2. LOL. Purses with straps/handles are the only types of purses I will consider in real life. I guess I'm just a very practical person. My dolls demand purse handles! *Grin*

  3. You didn't mention the new screening. Did you like the "cateye" look? Maybe it's not new screening, but I thought I read that it was. I think it's edgy and makes her looking older and more modern. Spicy, I guess? don

  4. I'm pretty sure it is a new screening. I like it. I love "cat" eyeliner, anyway. I always thought it looked sexy. :)