Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Irresistible in India Poppy Parker

 "Irresistible in India" was the only one of the five International Fair Poppy Parkers I found mildly disappointing.  And it wasn't the doll herself.  Her face is amazing.  Her hairstyle is elegant and gorgeous.  Her jewelry is beautiful. ...

Well, the jewelry that didn't come broken was beautiful, anyway.  Her earrings came broken in the box. 

Her hairstyle is very goddess-like and wonderful.  Mine had some slightly messy hairs, though, and one of the tendrils of hair hanging on the side of her face was derpy.  (See first pic.)

I think when the dolls were passing inspection at the factory, mine must have come in dead last before the ones that were thrown in the garbage.  She had a stain on her left cheek!  I didn't even notice it until I'd deboxed her, but here it is.  In the light, it even had a fingerprint in it, as if someone had touched her face with a (very) dirty finger.  I panicked, but then thought I'd try some plain soap and water on a washcloth to see if I could get it off.  It came off.  Whew!  I don't know if you'll be able to see it in the photo.  If you do, you'll probably just think it's a smudge on your computer monitor.  LOL.

I do love her bangles.  She also comes with a gold clutch purse, and gold shoes that match the purse.

The back of her dress doesn't hang right, and she looks pretty bad from the back.  This is how it looks from the back, and I can't get it to flatten out and hang straight at all.

But from the front, she's still pretty beautiful.  (Now that her face is washed.)

Sorry this whole post was nothing but whining.  I was about two seconds away from sending her back to Integrity, but I think I may just send the earrings back and just deal with the rest.  If her face had been permanently stained, it would have been a different story and she would have been on her way back to the company right now.  Luckily, she has a perfect face.  She really is a beauty.  


  1. Nah, sometimes there needs to be a little rant time... it's always disappointing when you spend so much on a doll and she arrives with flaws.

    She is amazingly beautiful though!!!

  2. My doll came with a broken earring, too. IT sent me a replacement very quickly... Then, she was on to her new home in Australia... I think she'll like the climate there very much. Great reviews! Keep it up! don