Sunday, April 14, 2013

Been customizing Bratzillaz again

I've been customizing Bratzillaz again.  Mostly it's been switching around eyeballs, but I also took some tweezers to the derpy-looking bangs of this girl up above.  She is/was Magic Night Out Yasmina.  She came with bangs that were a totally different color than the rest of her hair (a light lavender), and I thought she'd look better without them.  She's wearing a headband in this picture because I'm currently waiting on some hair from to do a partial re-root along her hairline where the bangs were.  I figured out her hair is a 50-50 mix of "Vineyard Violet" saran and "Midnight Blue" saran.  These are the color names used on  The colors might be called something different on  That site uses different names for their saran hair, and I have no idea what the colors are called on their site.

Yasmina's original eyes were yellow.  I replaced them with the blue eyes from the Bratzillaz glow-in-the-dark Meygana doll.  I think she looks gorgeous with the blue eyes!  I'm really pleased with how she's turned out.

Another Bratzillaz dollie that got new eyes is the one called Cloetta (left), that you saw me working on in my last post about these dolls, here.  She's the one that was going to get side-glancing blue eyes, but then I ended up losing the matching eye inside my couch.  LOL.  Well, after that happened, I went on a quest around town to find another cheap Meygana doll so I could get the eyes from her to put in Cloetta.  Sigh.  I went to three different stores, and they've all been sold out of the Meyganas for the past week.  In fact, I think word got around that the Bratzillaz were all on sale, because they've all been selling out fast lately here.

I ended up using the metallic silver eyes from a Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch set for Cloetta instead.  I like them on her.  She definitely has character!

Lastly, I thought I'd show you a picture of the poor Switch-a-Witch that I stole the silver eyeballs from.  This is the girl who came with those awesome silver metallic eyes now in Cloetta.  After I stole her silver eyes, I ended up putting Yasmina's original yellow eyes in her instead.  (Ya know ... Yasmina ... from the top picture.)  She looks really evil with the yellow eyes!  Yikes!  Sorry, but I really don't like these Switch-a-Witch sets.  I don't like the faces to be half one color and half another.  If they came out with Switch-a-Witches that had solid-colored skin, I might like them. Just not my thing, I guess.

If you don't know what a Switch-a-Witch is, it's essentially a dismantled bald Bratzillaz doll that you put together yourself, which can wear wigs. 

By the way, I just updated my original post about how to change out Bratzillaz eyes with new info, because I discovered if you turn the eyes over and look very closely, there is a tiny "R" or "L" on the backside of each eye to help you position them so you don't end up with wonky eye.  I didn't even notice the tiny letters at first, because I'm blind as a bat.  :)



  1. Hello from Spain: a very good job. Keep in touch

  2. New follower here! Your eye switching tutorial is great... and omg... yeah... those pooping pets are just... uh... amusing, and I love the comments. I saw one for the first time at Toys R Us the other day... it was a Koala... lol... I'm amused that the pooping pets aren't even pets a kid could have XD

    Aaaand, despite Switch-A-Witch looking a little evil with yellow eyes, I think it suits her. You could make her your Two Face villian. XD
    I agree with you though, I think the whole half and half skin tone is a bit strange.

  3. Just found your blog when I was trying to figure out if Liv eyes could sit in a Bratz head, and can I tell you how glad I am for the tutorial? Thanks for posting it up. As for the Switch-A-Witch, I like them--they're a little weird being half-n-half but I dig my dolls with a little funk.