Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review of The Barbie Look: Tea Party fashion

I had to get this Mattel outfit for my Poppy Parkers.  It's "The Barbie Look: Tea Party" set that's being sold as a separate fashion.  I got it at Target; I'm not sure what other stores sell it.  It comes with the fascinator-type flower headband you see in these pics, as well as the tea set.  The tea set is plastic, but looks really nice!  The painting is wonderful.  You can tell they actually made an effort to make the tea set look realistic and in-scale with their 12" dolls. 

The dress has snaps in the back and is lined.  The fabric is soft and a good quality.  The belt is a separate piece from the dress and is plastic, but it doesn't look bad with the dress.  I'm so impressed with this set that I now want the Barbie Look fashion with the red evening gown. 

Here the dress is modeled on "Dream Teen" Poppy Parker, my sultry goddess.  It's a perfect fit for the Poppy body. 

The set was $25 USD.  It's higher than you'd expect to pay for a 12" doll dress in a store, but when you consider Poppy Parker clothing sometimes goes for twice that on the secondary market, the price doesn't seem so bad. 

By the way, this is literally the first time I've ever redressed my "Dream Teen" Poppy.  Boy, she must be so glad to get out of her default outfit!  I think this Mattel fashion really suits her.


  1. Hello from Spain: I love this POPPY PARKER with tea dress of Barbie. She is very elegant. I really like this outfit with the tea set. Keep in touch

  2. This is one of the loveliest dresses Mattel has done; my only complaint is that it is a little high waisted on my FRs (obviously a better fit on babs and Poppy). The fascinator tops it off beautifully, and I think the teaset is charming. Your poppy looks lovely in the dress, it works well with her coloring.

  3. The fit is PERFECT for Poppy Parker. ... Like it was made for her. I haven't tried it on a Fashion Royalty yet. Thanks for your nice comments.

  4. It does suit her quite well. I just ordered this from on Barbie's birthday. You can never have enough tea sets. Now I can't wait for it to arrive.