Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pre-orders rolling in!

I think I was the last in the doll community to get these three Poppys, but they're finally here!  The second I opened the boxes, Day Tripper became my instant favorite of the three.  Her eye screening is nice; her eyes are an interesting turquoise, and the yellow eyeshadow doesn't look at all garish in person.  The freckles are even done nicely.  My biggest disappointment is that her cute yellow boots are unusable.  The zippers in the back are stuck.  I wish they'd stop putting those tiny zippers on boots!  Grrrr!  Her yellow hat doesn't fit well, either, and won't stay on.  Besides those things, though, I adore her.

The Happening and Sunshine Games are nice, too, but look slightly sleepy to me... a combination of that eye screening with the applied lashes.  My Dream Teen Poppy had applied lashes, too, but didn't look sleepy ... just drop-dead sexy.  I still like them even more than I thought I would.  The sequined dress on Happening is wonderfully crafted, and her earrings are nicely made and very cool. 

The ponytails on Sunshine are SO COMING DOWN!  They're all right, but I bet she'll be even prettier with her hair down.  I LOVE her skin tone.  It's a very light tan that's just beautiful. ... lighter than the tan skin on Sweet Confection, but darker than the "normal" Poppy Parker skintone.  I saw that someone else posted on another doll forum that the head on their Sunshine Games didn't match the body.  Mine matches perfectly.

Well, I hope that was a thoughful review.  Overall I quite like these three, although I'm not sure they're going to be my favorite Poppy Parkers of all time or anything.  The new eye screenings are just not my favorite, although they're OK.  I'm not sure whether I'll bother sending the yellow boots back to Integrity to be replaced.  I haven't decided yet. 

Please click on the pictures to make them bigger. :)


  1. I love your reviews of these dolls! I agree -- Day Tripper is my favorite of the Poppies, as well. But the hat for my girl fits nicely, and her boots work great...so far. I also like the yellow eye shadow in person -- it almost just looks like an enhanced "nude" tone, to me. But I'll tell you -- even more than any of these three Poppies, I LOVE both Darlas! I think they are both exquisite! I thought, from promo pics, that Colour My World would be my favorite, but now that they are here, Bus Stop takes top honors. They are both gorgeous, though, and I love both their fashions.

  2. I didn't get the Darlas, but after seeing live pics of them, I now want them. :) I hope I can get at least one of them later this year. I already have three Darlas (Twist n Shout, Moonlight and Hit Single) and I thought I was done buying them, but this new eye screening for some reason suits the Darla head sculpt beautifully.

    Thanks for the compliments about my reviews! Hugs.