Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A ponytail-free Sunshine Games

Well, I did it.  I took down the ponytails on Sunshine Games.  This is what her hair looks like with just a gentle washing and comb-through.  I just used liquid hand soap to wash the hair.  ... I did NOT boil the hair (that would have straightened it).  The waves are quite nice!

She does have a small bald spot in the back, but it's completely covered by hair and I don't see the need to do a partial re-root on her like I did with my Holiday in the Hamptons Poppy Parker.  I'm sure the small bald spot was put there to keep her hair from being too full, since it was meant to be in ponytails.  She does have a nice side-part all the way down her scalp, so that keeps the small bald patch from showing.

I think she looks quite nice with her hair down.  I think she looks thoughtful in these pictures rather than sleepy.  She's wearing the shirt from "Most Sophisticated" Sabrina, as you can see. 

Just a clarification:  The small bald spot really IS small.  It doesn't take up half of the back of her head or anything, just so you know.


  1. Her hair looks lovely! I only own a couple Poppy dolls but I think I'll be adding more soon to my collection ;)

  2. Thanks. Sunshine Games is definitely not my favorite Poppy ever, but I like her enough that I'm going to keep her.

  3. I always enjoy seeing a dolly with her hair down, and this one looks lovely. You did a nice job keeping her waves.

  4. Thankies. She's pretty nice. I think I'll redress her again this week when I have time. :)