Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review of FR:16 Main Feature Elsa Lin

All right, I couldn't stand not getting another FR:16.  I've been carefully stalking eBay, online stores and forums for the past week searching for a good price on an Elsa Lin, and finally got her for a LOT less than retail.  It's been so difficult finding "live" pics of this girl (read: ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE), so I thought I'd spam you for a while with pics.  She seems to be the least popular of the FR:16 girls and I think part of it is her skin tone.  She looks vampire-white in the promo pics, but I confirmed with Integrity that she actually has the "Japan" skin tone like their Fashion Royalty Luchia.  Her skin doesn't look quite so ghostly white in real life. 

I think her sculpt is very pretty, and looks like it will be versatile.  She'll look stunning with longer hair in different colors.  I can't wait to see her as a redhead or blonde.

Her bold yellow-and-black dress is pretty and designed nicely, but I don't think the colors flatter her.  (Yellow next to that pale skin tone?)  I think she'll look better redressed.  That's just my opinion, though.  I'm not a "runway" type of girl, anyway.  I couldn't care less that my dolls are wearing a runway designer look.  I just want them in nice, normal, functional clothing.  I have FR:16 Anais coming, too, in a couple of days. ... I think the yellow-and-black dress might look better on her darker skin.  I'll have to do a re-dress and find out.

Elsa doesn't come with a lot of extras, but at least that keeps her cost down.  She comes with simple stud earrings, two circle bracelets and a really gorgeous ring that looks like it's inlaid with yellow topaz.  The earrings match the ring, and are faux gold with rhinestones that look just like yellow topaz.  She has a well-made metallic gold clutch purse and panties underneath the gown. She has a pair of very attractive black shoes with gold heels.

Her eye paint is lovely.  Her eye color is a unique grey-toned aqua, and her makeup palette is done in smokey blacks and browns. 

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