Saturday, April 12, 2014

More MegaPoppys: Spring Morning and One Fine Day

One purchase and one trade later, I've now added to my 16" Poppy Parker Fashion Teen collection.  I've managed to get a hold of 2013's "One Fine Day" and 2012's "Spring Morning."  It was interesting to get to see one of the original 2012s next to the newer dolls.  For one thing, "Spring Morning" (the luscious redhead in these photos) seemed floppy compared to the newer 2013s.  Her joints were just a bit looser, which made it trickier to pose her.  She also had an issue where her removeable hands fit a little too loosely in the wrist sockets.  The hands weren't so loose that they were falling out, but they weren't *quite* as snug as they should be, either.  Apparently this issue was corrected for the 2013 collection, because none of mine from 2013 have the problem. 

Left to right:  Spring Morning, Winter Wowzers and One Fine Day.
Another thing I noticed was "Spring Morning's" face shape is slightly different. ... She's slightly more wider-faced than the 2013s.  Her hairline is lower, too.  A while ago, I'd contacted Integrity Toys to ask if the newer Poppy 16s have a different face sculpt, but was assured it's the same sculpt. 

Getting ready for Easter.

I have two theories as to why "Spring Morning" has a wider face.  #1:  Perhaps it has to do with how the soft vinyl heads were pulled out of the molds, or #2: perhaps the mold used for the 2013s may have been different.  From my limited understanding, companies have more than one mold of the same face.  (Therefore, if one mold breaks or gets worn out from use, they'll still have another.)  The 2013s may have been cast with a different mold, even though they are the same sculpt. 

Anyway, I think the 2012 dolls are every bit as beautiful as the 2013s.  I mean, look at that face!  I had to get "Spring Morning."  I wanted to get her before she was completely sold out everywhere.  Plus, she's the only 16" Poppy so far with left-glancing eyes. 

I washed the gel out her hair, though.

"One Fine Day" comes with a pair of really beautiful earrings; a bracelet, a wonderful hat, sunglasses and a bright red hard-shell bag.  The sunglasses are cute but seem a bit fragile.  Everything else is so amazing!  The bag really opens.  The shoes are basic red pumps with bows on the tops.  They would have been a lot more versatile for redressing if Integrity had left off the bows.

I seriously love these earrings.

I ended up plucking out the bangs on my "One Fine Day."  The bangs are set far back from the hairline, which I personally loved, because it meant I could use tweezers to pluck them out without disrupting the hairline or doing a partial re-root.  Yay!  I think she looks amazing without the bangs.  It only took about 15 minutes. Now she looks even more like Michelle Pfeiffer than she did before.  LOL.  She also makes me think of Samantha from the TV show "Bewitched."  Might just be the curled, retro hairstyle, though.

Needing a new hairdo.

No more bangs!  20% cooler in 10 seconds flat.

And now for a few random pictures, because I can't help myself.  Please click on them to see them bigger. 

Wearing a Gene Marshall dress.


  1. Ugh, those girls are SO gorgeous. Color me jealous!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really loving them right now.

  3. They're really beautiful. I am in two minds about the 16" Poppy Parker dolls. I love how they look but I've been wanting their 12" counterparts for a while now (By the way, thanks for the Poppy Parker Resource - I've found it to be a great help!). I recently saw a comparison of the two sizes side by side and have to say, the difference is enormous!

    I also think the One Fine Day without the bangs look pretty good. And you're right, she does kinda look like Samantha from Bewitched.

  4. The bigger ones are more fun to sew for, and definitely have more of a presence in my house. Maybe because they are so big, I can't ignore them. LOL! They're the same size as the 16" Tonner dolls, and can wear a lot of Tonner clothing. Thanks for your nice comments.

  5. Great photos of all these girls. So you literally just took your tweezers and plucked OFD's bangs out strand by strand? That sounds easy enough. I'm not very satisfied with mine, either. But I've never de-banged before, so I wasn't sure how to go about it.

  6. Hi. Yes, just plucked them out strand-by-strand with tweezers. LOL. Some of the hairs broke off close to the scalp, and I had to tweeze them a second time to get them out completely. It worked great, though.