Friday, June 17, 2016

Tonner brings back the Ann Estelle line

Guests at the 2016 Tonner Doll Company convention were treated to the return of the Ann Estelle doll line, based on the art of Mary Engelbreit.
Two new dolls were available: a 10" (26cm) child Ann Estelle called "A Bit Younger," shown here, and a 16" (41cm) older version called "Breit Nights" that was on the Ellowyne Wilde body. Although I wasn't at the convention, I was able to snag these two girls afterward. Today, I'll show you "A Bit Younger." She's so cute!
"Younger" is on the super-articulated newer Patsy body. It's a wonderfully-engineered body that has excellent posing, so I was really happy to see this. I'll post a couple of pictures that show her arms in different positions. Like other Tonner dolls, the joints are smooth and tight, and stay in position when you move them. No floppy joints, here.

She can sit nicely, and her legs can cross at the ankles, which looks really cute. She cannot completely cross one leg over the other, though, like most of Tonner's 16" dolls can.  

I didn't cross her ankles in the below photo, but wanted to post it anyway because she looks so stinkin' adorable sitting up on the stump.

"A Bit Younger" is wigged, and the wig is removable. It attaches to the head with velcro. I don't want to change her wig, but it's nice to know I could if I wanted to. I didn't want to tear off her hair, but I measured her head with her hair on, and it looks like the head takes a 7-8" wig, with her head size being closer to 8" than 7".

Her inset eyes look brown from a distance, but when you see them up close, you can see they aren't really a true brown, but a mix of colors. The Tonner web site had described them as "hazel." I thought I'd give you a close-up, since the eye color is so interesting.  You can see the feathering detail on the eyebrows in this picture, too.  (And a couple of very minor painting flaws.  Barely noticeable on the doll, but when you look at this extreme close-up, you can't help but see it.)

Wanted to show you a pic of her without her trademark eyeglasses. She looks bright-eyed and lively, like she's having fun. The glasses fit nicely and don't fall off. (Unless you shook her really hard, I suppose. ...)

She can wear clothes made for the 10" Tonner Patsy and Trixie dolls. Here she is in the outfit from "Autumn Days" Trixie, which I adore because of its vintage look.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the Ann Estelle main line, now that the Tonner Doll Company has the license back. I'm guessing we'll see the main line in the Fall, but I'll have to check.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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