Friday, February 24, 2012

What a difference a good camera makes ...

I posted these comparison pics on the W Club forum, so I figured I'd also post them here.  The pics show the difference between my old camera and my new one.  My old camera used to consistently take photos like the one of Fashion Royalty Natalia on the left.  My new camera consistently takes photos like the one of Fashion Royalty Vanessa on the right.  I didn't become a better photographer over the past year. ... I just got a much better camera!  If you're a doll lover, a good camera is a great investment.

I don't remember what my old camera was, but my new camera is a Canon Eos Rebel T2i.  By the way, the photo of Fashion Royalty Natalia is a flash picture, because if I hadn't used the flash, the picture wouldn't have come out at all.  :)


  1. Nice photo. I really like the one your new camera took. I just purchased one too for my birthday. I can't wait to take pictures.

  2. Very ncie! I so need a new camera!